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"Bump.io" is a unique io game with 16 player multiplayer mode. Competitions will be held in a large and dangerous arena, to win, avoid collision with giant and monstrous machines. The most important thing is your energy, in order to get it you need to ram other cars, but if they ram you, then you can hardly hold out for a long time. If you attack everyone very often and diligently, then your car will become bigger and bigger! Due to this, it will be easier for you to push and destroy everyone.

How to play?
For the fact that you will enter the game for 6 days in a row, you will be credited with new skins for the car. Before the start of the game, you will be greeted by a dangerous battlefield in the form of a circle. And you immediately have a question, what is this danger? Everything is very simple, it is surrounded by large spikes, falling on them, you will be immediately destroyed, so be careful! Your task is to do everything so that your opponent is there. To do this, push them until the circle around your car is full. As soon as this happens, immediately choose the most suitable victim and send him into the spikes with a super blow. Upgrade your car, destroying enemies. The winner will be the one who makes the most kills and remains the last survivor on the battlefield.






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