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Description: is a multiplayer cooperation game inspired by the game Among Us, in which you play as one of the stars of the film Betrayal. Your objective is to play the role assigned to you, either a teammate who will have to complete tasks to repair the spaceship, or an impostor who will have to eliminate other players to prevent them from completing their tasks. As a traitor you should not be spotted by other players, but when a body is discovered a meeting will be called to try and find the impostors. The team members will then have to argue to designate a suspect and the traitors will have to cover their tracks so as not to be suspected. A vote will be cast and each player must nominate the player they believe to be the traitor. To win a game either the team members will have to manage to fully repair the ship or the impostors will have to eliminate all the team members without getting caught.
How to play Traitor: As an impostor you are the villain of the film and your objective will be to eliminate the teammates without getting caught. You must absolutely prevent teammates from doing all their tasks by eliminating them or voting against them. Be careful, you have to be discreet if you eliminate a player, move around the map and look for isolated targets so as not to leave any clue about your act. As a traitor you should try to behave normally so as not to attract attention, pretend to perform tasks, and argue insightfully in meetings.- Teammate: You are the good guy in the game, your goal is to complete all the tasks assigned to you so that you can fully repair the spaceship. Beware of other players because an impostor is hiding among them and he can eliminate you. Try not to be alone and be alert if you notice any strange behavior. If you find the body of another player you can call a meeting and a debate will be initiated to find out who is the traitor who killed one of your teammates.
What are the game modes of Betrayal: This is the classic mode of the game (inspired by the famous Among Us). Teammates and impostors end up in a spaceship, teammates must complete tasks to repair the ship, and traitors must try to eliminate all teammates.- Hide and Seek: In this game mode one of the players is designated an impostor and will be known to all, he will play an almost invisible beast who will have to eliminate all other players before they manage to accomplish all the tasks. It's a race against time between the teammates and the traitor!






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