Bob The Robber

"Bob the Robber" is a puzzle-platformer game in which the player controls the character Bob, a thief who must steal various items from different buildings while avoiding guards and security cameras.


  • the player must navigate through each level, collecting items and avoiding detection by guards and security cameras.
  • Bob has the ability to hide behind objects and sneak up on guards to knock them out.
  • The player must also solve puzzles, such as finding keys to unlock doors, in order to progress through the levels.
  • If Bob is caught by a guard or seen by a security camera, the player must restart the level.


  • A variety of different levels with increasing difficulty
  • Stealth-based gameplay mechanics
  • Simple controls, suitable for players of all ages
  • Colorful graphics and a charming soundtrack
  • The ability to upgrade Bob's abilities as you progress through the game.

"Bob the Robber" is a fun and challenging game that will test your skills and puzzle-solving abilities.

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