Squid Game Green Light Red Light Hints
  • Squid Game Green Light Red Light Hints


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While playing the green light red light game, you control your competitor by moving your mouse or finger on the screen back and forth and left and right. The midwife stands with her back in the tree at the end of the track. You move forward using the mouse while the girl's back is turned. When the girl turns her back, the dot in the upper right corner is GREEN. When the girl turns towards the contestants, this dot turns RED. The contestants who move while the color of the dot is red are killed by being shot with a sniper weapon. The surviving competitors continue to advance on the track. When you manage to reach the red finish line without dying, you complete the level.
At first, 30 people start the race with you. The time given to complete the track appears in the upper left corner of the screen. Even if you still haven't reached the finish line when the time is up, you are shot and killed by the sniper. Try to play the squid game green light red light game by reaching the end point before the time runs out and while the girl's back is turned, in order not to enter the sniper's target.






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