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Welcome to the fun game! Stickman Imposter is a free game by Multiplayer Games. Stickman Imposter free now is a great new strategy game that will delight players of all ages. The game features a team of stickmen, all different from each other. The goal of the game is to sabotage a ship and steal all crew members without being detected! The fun doesn't end there, however. You can also sabotage the enemy ship and take their lives!
In Stickman Imposter free games you have to play as a member of a crew and steal other people's secrets. Your goal is to steal all the diamonds and unlock the treasure chests before time runs out. To survive you have to get past your team and collect the treasures. You can do this by unlocking new roles.
The game takes place on a spaceship or an imaginary planet. If you're playing the game with a team, you'll need to figure out who the imposter is before he can wreak havoc. The best way to do this is to call emergency meetings and vote for whoever you think is the real person. This will help your teammates in case the wrong person is chosen.






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