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A whole new set of deadly challenges await in Vex 6. How long will you survive in this fun adventure game?
When you're not running across collapsing bridges or jumping off walls, you'll have to jump over huge saw blades in this fast-paced platform game. Luckily, there are kites to help you fly over huge gaps that you have to cross while trying to reach each of the checkpoints.
Plus, along with daily quests and bonus stages, there are loads of cool skins to collect that add to the excitement even more. Keep browsing often to see the latest content. If you can master this latest installment of the popular Vex series, you'll also earn some awesome trophies!
How to play Vex 6?Can you reach the checkpoints and reach the end of each level in this exciting action game? Jump or fly over gaps as you dodge a variety of hazards across a series of deadly obstacle courses.
Game ControlsJump with W OR UP ARROW KEY.Run left with A OR LEFT ARROW KEY.Run right with D OR RIGHT ARROW KEY.Bend or slide (while running) with S OR DOWN ARROW KEY.






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