Winx Club: Love And Pet
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Winx Club: Love And Pet is a match-3 game where you can combine all the fairy girls' toys.
Winx Club is a popular animated series of a city of adventures where a group of young fairy girls come together. Fairy toys are all around them, equipping them with love in their battle against evil and their daily fears. Domino's main character, Princess Bloom, features the rabbit Kiko as a farmer, while G the poodle, Coco the cat, Milly the rabbit, Pepe the bear and the ducklings join the teenage girls.
Bring together Winx Club Love And Pet's few complementary gear and play for three, but more adorable pets. By fee or by swiping. You are boosters, especially if you chain long. Attention, they are only small. Some you have to reach a certain score, some you have to win a lot of toys.
If you win all three and get Winx Club: Love And Pet for free at






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