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Worm Hunt - Snake Game iO Zone is a multiplayer snake game with multiple game modes including an endless mode and a time mode where the arena gets smaller and smaller. With a massive number of new skins, upgrades and achievements to unlock, this game will keep you entertained for hours, How to Play Worm Hunt - Snake Game iO Zone? In this multiplayer.io game the goal is to grow the biggest worm by eating as much as possible. Collect the funny faces and boosters, but avoid crashing head-on into other worms. If you crash into another player, you lose the round. However, if you manage to make another player crash into your snake's body, their snake will burst and turn into a long food chain. Gulp down as much of it as you can before the other players eat it all away. Your worm can slither around its own body, thereby traversing it - this is a good way to dodge aggressive opponents. You can collect coins and gems to unlock more snakes and special skins. You can also earn boosters and improve their efficiency. You can also permanently improve your snake's stats in the worm farm.






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