NOOB SKYBLOCK UNBLOCKED Noob Skyblock is a 2D cube game where you have to help Noob survive on a small flying island! The first thing you have to do is break the single tree to get the resources to build a bridge to a neighboring place. There will also be a chest next to you where you can transfer your items to your inventory. Craft all the most necessary tools such as pickaxes, axes, shovels and more.

How to play?
Watch the hunger scale carefully, because if the value on it drops to a critical level, you will die of exhaustion. Take care of hunting animals, collecting various plants and of course building your own house to live in with your girlfriend. Change the camera zoom for a larger view of the area. Be careful not to approach the edge of the cliff to avoid falling into a bottomless abyss. Explore a massive open world and hone your survival skills in harsh environments. In the event of your character's death, you will lose all collected resources and appear at the spawn point with an empty backpack. Good luck in your adventure!