Bacon May Die
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Bacon May Die is a fighting game where you have to kill as many pigs as possible while trying to survive as long as possible. The further you advance, the more and stronger the enemies will be.In Bacon May Die game you and your friend will be brave little pigs. This is a very dangerous task and they cannot do without your help. Use a variety of techniques, tricks and fight rabid zombies, hungry rabbits, crazy pigs, skeletons and other evil.You can play both together and alone. The main goal of the game is to destroy as many enemies as possible. You have a large arsenal of hand-to-hand and firearms to fight them. Sledgehammers, katanas, bats, chainsaws, sausages, pistols, rocket launchers, machine guns, shotguns, lasers - you can buy all these and more, earn money to destroy the enemy.






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